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My Ideal Workplace - Procurement At Its Best 22 July 2016

It’s an exciting time if you work in Procurement – big changes are afoot, which were highlighted by the #BigIdeas2016 conference earlier this year. As a recruiter who has been sourcing and placing Procurement and Supply Chain professionals for a number of years, I have been in the perfect spot to see how the expectations of our candidates have changed when it comes to what they’re looking for in a role. With Procurement talent currently at a premium, companies need to ensure they have their finger on the pulse of what ‘#MyIdealWorkplace’ looks like to the modern Procurement Professional.

Procurement is morphing from a purely cost-saving function to a more holistic approach, with massive positive potential for every company that embraces the new way of thinking.  

Here are the trends we’ve noticed:

It all starts at the top - For Procurement to be really effective, there has to be a Chief Procurement Officer at C-suite level. Managed effectively, the procurement function arguably has the ability to most significantly impact project success and therefore, final cost. Representation at board level underpins that.

Inclusive – Procurement wants a seat at the table from the start, whenever a project is mooted. Active inclusion allows Procurement to evaluate where the most significant issues may arise – from consistency of supply, to cost saving opportunities – and build resilience into the process to allow the project to flow smoothly, with fewer interruptions.

Embracing technology – technology is rapidly evolving and Procurement is finding new ways to use it. Between the Internet of Things, connectivity and Big Data, procurement people are looking to work for companies willing to explore new technology and embrace it as the key to achieving meaningful growth over the coming months.

Autonomy – whilst every department needs oversight, procurement is at the sharp end of the supply chain. Having the ability to make decisions quickly, and act on those decisions when supply chains break down is essential to keeping the wheels turning. A degree of autonomy shows respect for the function Procurement performs and the judgement they are required to exercise, daily.

Professional growth – this goes for most employees, regardless of department. Companies that take the time to invest in training their staff, allowing them to broaden their skills and learn new methods and technologies, demonstrate commitment to progress. Procurement is evolving – your procurement team needs the chance to develop with it in order to keep your company current, effective and competitive.

Ultimately, Procurement is an essential, integral part of your business.
Attracting and retaining top talent within this sector is imperative to the bottom line. Be the place top talent picks – or your competition will!