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The Importance of Personal Branding For Procurement Professionals 28 June 2016

More and more, companies and recruiters are searching for potential candidates online. Personal branding has become quite the buzz and with good reason. Economic uncertainty has seen the job market change and jobs are no longer a life-long opportunity, but rather a series of contracts. To ensure you are always in demand, you must be seen as a knowledgeable participant within your field.

Social media has made it easier than ever to raise your own profile within your field. Experienced procurement professionals are always in demand so start working on your own public profile, even if you’re not ready to think about moving roles. The two key platforms to be involved with are LinkedIn and Twitter. Beware Facebook though and ensure your privacy settings are set with a view to how the content may be viewed by prospective employers!

LinkedIn provides an excellent platform for professionals to communicate and share ideas with peers, as well as expand their network. Think of it as an organic CV that is always available to prospective employers and recruiters. In order to set a good impression, it is imperative you take the time to create a professional summary. Be sure to include a brief overview of your career, your motivations and your specialist areas. Add appropriate video and presentations to demonstrate your skills, technical knowledge and awareness of self-marketing. Fill out your career history in detail and be sure to select as many skills as are relevant to you. Ask your colleagues and peers to endorse those skills. Take time to endorse others and get involved with procurement and supply chain groups. Use Publisher to share your views on Procurement and invite discussion. Lead the conversation and connect with other Procurement professionals.

Twitter is a popular platform for professionals and many thought leaders in Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain are connecting with each other, from all over the world. Get involved with the conversation to raise your profile within the community. Be sure to create your Twitter handle using something relevant and easy for others to remember - your birthday might be easy for you to remember, but a Twitter handle of @ProcurementMartin02021975 isn’t easy for anyone else and takes up far too many precious characters! Add an image to your profile, as ‘eggheads’ tend to be labelled as spammers and ignored. Create your Twitter bio using relevant hashtags – remember; your peers, headhunters, recruiters and hiring managers will all be searching out connections using key phrases. So using a Twitter handle such as @MartinBWilson75 is fine (assuming it’s available!) and a bio stating “#Procurement professional #telecoms #FMCG interested in the global #supplychain view” works perfectly and invites connections.


Ultimately, promoting your own views, opinions and efforts within procurement across social media will help to raise your own profile, making it easier for the next big opportunity to find you, whenever you’re ready to take the next step.