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Talent Acquisition Will Always Be A Priority 27 June 2016

In an unprecedented turnout of voters, the British public has voted for UK to leave the European Union.

Initial reactions have been immediately manifested in the financial markets which have, predictably, taken a tumble in the face of the uncertainty Brexit heralds. The British pound has plummeted perhaps temporarily and the stock market has seen billions wiped off the value of UK companies. The economic shock wave of the Brexit bomb has been keenly felt.

Financial markets aside, a principal concern for many people is the impact Brexit will have on their employment prospects. Procurement and supply chain professionals, by the very nature of the role they perform, are inclined to flexible movement around the globe in the progression of their careers. European-based companies have particularly enjoyed taking advantage of the ease with which the UK’s EU membership has guaranteed fuss-free unfettered access to the UK talent pool. Reciprocally, UK companies have benefitted by selected professionals from across Europe.

So what does Brexit really mean for the industry? Ultimately, the detail in the answer is still unclear and is likely to remain so for some time. Nothing will significantly change in the foreseeable future: legally the UK is bound to abide by EU regulations for a further twenty-four months minimum. Furthermore, any companies looking to do business with the EU will still have to abide by EU laws and regulations.Whatever form this brave new world takes, one truism holds: capable, experienced professionals will always be in demand. Not even Brexit can change that.